Jamboo is 1980 Indian Tamil-language film, directed and produced by M. Karnan. The film story was written by Maa. Ra and the dialogue was written by A. Gurusamy. The film screenplay was written by M. Karnan. Music was by Shankar–Ganesh. The film stars Jaishankar, Major Sundararajan, S. A. Ashokan Manorama and Jayamala.


A varied group of travelers on a flight to America find themselves stranded on an island. They're rescued by Jamboo (Jaishankar), a man who's lived on the island by himself since childhood. He's capable of surviving the harsh surrounding full of wild animals, raging rivers and other natural dangers. Jamboo takes on the task of keeping the crash survivors stay alive and eventually lead them off the island. They are forced to stay on the island until the circumstances are right for them to attempt an escape. The movie chronicles the many varied dangers they face as they attempt to get home.


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    director Karnan
    editor G. Kalyana Sundaram K. Gouthaman
    genre action
    keywords force rescue strand survive wild animal
    musicBy Sankar Ganesh
    producer M. Karnan
    productionCompany Indrani Films