Movie search engine, recommendation system, and movie library.

We’re movie geeks, and we know the pain of looking for the next great movie to watch.

We all use the oversimplified recommendation engines that are out there, but their results are poor..

That's why we base our recommendation engine on attributes and as long as you’re logged in, exclude all the movies you’ve seen already.

You can look for movies by both: title and attributes.

Attributes are every property of a movie such as genre, actors, locations, director, etc.

With our themes you can narrow your search results even more.

Having in mind the fact that The Godfather is considered to be a drama the same as Beauty and the Beast, we decided to give you a way to separate them in results by adding themes.

With themes, you can narrow the search to a more specific areas like mob, romantic fantasy, New York — that will ensure no more awkward search results.

Our chat is a great way to get in touch with other movie enthusiasts like you.

Whether it’s a new movie that you are extremely excited about or some niche genre — here you can make new friends and chat about things that you’re all into.

Your profile is the place where the magic happens!

By adding your movie preferences, we will recommend movies that will hit your sweet spot.

By adding movies to 'watched list' you can make sure we don’t suggest movies you’ve already seen and allows you to inventory your movie history.

On top of that, you can create lists of movies to see in the future.

At your profile you’ll also find recommendations from your old and new friends.

That’s not all, here you’ll also get friends recommendations based on movies you’ve already seen — isn’t that neat?

We’re also going to recommend you contacting other users that you have a lot in common with if added to friends you can recommend each other movies, check out what have you seen and have private conversations.