Moonlight Whispers

Moonlight Whispers

is a 1999 Japan film directed by Akihiko Shiota and based on the manga Gekko no sasayaki by Masahiko Kikuni.


A boy (Takuya) meets a girl (Satsuki), both 17 years of age, and they fall in love. When she discovers his fetishes Satsuki brands Takuya hentai (pervert) and leaves him, only to be drawn back by the power his fetishes give her over him.


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    director Akihiko Shiota
    editor Yoshio Sugano
    genre live-action
    keywords fetish hentai sexual fetishism time asia
    musicBy Shinsuke Honda
    producer Hiroyuki Negishi
    productionCompany Nikkatsu
    publisher Bitters End
    theme action japanese