Rhino! is a 1964 American action film directed by Ivan Tors and written by Art Arthur and Arthur Weiss. The film stars Harry Guardino, Shirley Eaton, Robert Culp, Harry Makela and George Korelin. The film was released on May 20, 1964, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


A humane zoologist, Dr. Jim Hanlon, who deplores the poaching of African rhinoceros, is unaware that the man he is guiding on safari, Alec Burnett, is a hunter intending to capture two rare white rhino to sell. Edith Arleigh is a nurse romantically involved with Burnett, whose hardened attitude toward jungle life softens when he is bitten by a cobra and Hanlon has to save his life.

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    contentLocation Africa
    director Ivan Tors
    editor Warren Adams
    genre action
    keywords african rhinoceros cobra poach zoologist
    musicBy Lalo Schifrin
    producer Ben Chapman
    productionCompany Ivan Tors Films
    publisher Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    recordedAt South Africa