The Ace of Hearts

The Ace of Hearts

The Ace of Hearts is a 1921 American crime drama film produced and directed by Wallace Worsley. The screenplay by Ruth Wightman is based on the pulp novel The Purple Mask by Gouverneur Morris. The film stars Leatrice Joy, John Bowers, and Lon Chaney. Prints of this film survive at the George Eastman House.


The film is divided into ten chapters. A secret vigilante society's nine members pass judgment on others. They meet to decide the fate of a wealthy businessman they have been keeping under surveillance known as “The Man Who Has Lived Too Long” and vote to dispatch him with a homemade bomb concealed in a cigar case. Members Forrest (John Bowers) and Farallone (Lon Chaney) are both in love with the sole woman in the group, Lilith (Leatrice Joy). Forrest openly declares his love, but is spurned by Lilith, who is completely devoted to the "Cause".

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    director Wallace Worsley
    genre crime drama
    keywords kill laugh meet morning rich man
    musicBy Vivek Maddala
    producer Wallace Worsley
    publisher Goldwyn Pictures
    theme terrorism vigilante