Cornetti alla crema

Cornetti alla crema

Cornetti alla crema a.k.a. Cream Horn and Creampuffs is a 1981 commedia sexy all'italiana, directed by Sergio Martino.


Italy, 1980s. Domenico (Lino Banfi), a tailor who cuts his cloth to fit priests and prelates, married and father knows the glamorous and prosperous Marianna (Edwige Fenech), an aspiring opera singer. Attracted by the beauty of the girl, he tries to seduce her.

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    contentLocation Rome
    director Sergio Martino
    genre comedy
    keywords italy married opera singer
    musicBy Detto Mariano
    producer Luciano Martino
    publisher Medusa Produzione
    recordedAt Rome
    theme commedia sexy all'italiana