A Blind Bargain

A Blind Bargain

A Blind Bargain is a 1922 American silent horror film starring Lon Chaney and Raymond McKee, released through Goldwyn Pictures. The film was directed by Wallace Worsley and is based on Barry Pain's 1897 novel The Octave of Claudius. Lon Chaney played a dual role in the film, as both Dr. Lamb and "the Ape Man", one of Chaney's few "true horror films". The claim that Wallace Beery appeared as an ape-man uncredited has never been proven, but does persist in many sources.


The film is a contemporary 1920s picture (though the book was published in 1897) that takes place in New York City. The story involves a mad scientist who forces a man who is down on his luck to enter into an agreement to become a willing subject of the doctor's weird experiments, knowing full well that the end result will be the loss of his humanity.