Vardi is a 1989 Bollywood film directed by Umesh Mehra. It stars Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Kimi Katkar and Madhuri Dixit. Film was declared Box office Hit. The rights to this film are owned by Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment.


When Inspector Verma arrests the criminal Lalchand, the latter exacts his revenge by kidnapping Verma's only son, Anil. He later informs Verma that he has killed the boy. While trying to apprehend Lalchand, Verma's loyal accomplice and friend, Havaldar Bhagwan Singh is killed by the criminal. Verma and his wife Shanti then decide to raise Bhagwan Singh's son Ajay as their own. Many years pass and Ajay grows up to be an honest and brave police inspector while Verma has become the Commissioner of Police. Their main goal is to arrest Lalchand, who by now has become the kingpin of the underworld. In the process, Ajay learns that Verma's son is actually alive but has turned to a life of crime. Now it is up to Ajay to not only capture the crime lord Lalchand but also to reunite Commissioner Verma with his long lost son.


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    director Umesh Mehra
    keywords crime lord kill king life of crime lost son police inspector
    musicBy Anu Malik
    producer Karim Morani