Nunzio is a 1978 American drama film directed by Paul Williams and written by James Andronica. The film stars David Proval, James Andronica, Morgana King, Joe Spinell, Tovah Feldshuh and Maria Smith. The film was released on May 10, 1978, by Universal Pictures.


Nunzio Sabatino (David Proval) is a grown man with the demeanor of a young child. He lives at home with his doting mother (Morgana King) and brother Jamesie (James Andronica). Nunzio has a job as a bicycle delivery man for Angelo (Joe Spinell), the neighborhood grocer. Nunzio is fixated on elements of superhero stories; he wears sweatshirts that he has emblazoned with a shield and a capital "N" in the style of Superman, along with a cape, and often jumps across his neighborhood's rooftops. Younger children enjoy Nunzio's company, particularly Georgie (Glenn Scarpelli), whom he suggests will one day have to take his place as neighborhood do-gooder. However, he is also constantly bullied by a gang of youths, led by JoJo (Vincent Russo), who ridicule his dress and take advantage of his diminished faculties.