On the Run

On the Run (Chinese: 亡命鴛鴦) is a 1988 Hong Kong action thriller film directed by Alfred Cheung. The film stars Yuen Biao, Pat Ha and Charlie Chin.


Chui Pai (Pat Ha) is a dangerous killer who shot a woman during the night and lives with her daughter. She has been hunted for many years and cannot stop hiding. Heung Ming (Yuen Biao) is a police officer has been doing his job poorly. His wife was killed in a restaurant and the police accuse him of his wife's murder. Things become even more complicated for Heung as he discovers that she and he are now targeted by detectives led by Superintendent Lui (Charlie Chin), seeking to cover evidence of their own drug crimes. Framed for murder, Heung rapidly runs out of options as the killers target his elderly mother and young daughter. Wounded, Heung is forced to rely on the assassin Pai, who slowly warms up to him while caring for him and his young daughter. They have to stick together as long as they can until they die or are taken under custody.