Pack Up Your Troubles

Pack Up Your Troubles is a 1940 British comedy film directed by Oswald Mitchell and starring Reginald Purdell, Wylie Watson and Patricia Roc. It takes its name from the First World War marching song "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag".


Garage owner Tommy (Reginald Purdell) and ventriloquist friend Eric (Wylie Watson) join the army and travel to France, where they are captured by the Nazis. However, Eric's voice-throwing skills come in handy in engineering their escape and in obtaining top secret information.


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    contentLocation England
    director Oswald Mitchell
    genre comedy
    keywords capture engineer top secret
    musicBy Percival Mackey
    producer F.W. Baker
    productionCompany Butcher's Film Service
    publisher Butcher's Film Service