As U Like or As You Like 'Nin Say Yin' is a 2013 Burmese drama film produced by Sein Htay Film Production. It was based on Nay Naw's novel. It was directed by Wyne (Own Creator). Pyay Ti Oo, Min Oo and Wut Hmone Shwe Yee starred as the main characters.


A very beloved couple Moe Sway and Wut Yee Cho got separated for some reason. Moe Sway loved her so much that he told her 'I would die if it is what you like'. One day, when they meet again when Moe Sway found out that his love Wut Yee Cho had changed in so many ways. She even changed her name as GaGa. Then GaGa realised that they couldn't ever be together with her situation like this and the tragedy story goes on.


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    director Wyne
    genre drama
    keywords one day
    producer Sein Htay