All the Freckles in the World

All the Freckles in the World (Spanish: Todas las pecas del mundo) is a 2019 Mexican coming-of-age romantic comedy film produced by Filmadora and Panorama Global. It was directed and written by Yibrán Asuad and also written by Javier Peñasola and Gibrán Portela. It stars Hanssel Casillas, Loreto Peralta, Luis de la Rosa, Emiliano Castro, Andrea Sutton, Alejandro Flores, and others. It was released in Mexico on 27 September 2019. On 3 January 2020, All the Freckles in the World was released on Netflix after finding success in theaters in Mexico. It received neutral reviews, and did fairly well in the box office, peaking at #8 in Mexico during the week of 29 September. As of 22 October 2019, it grossed a total of US$945 thousand in Mexico.


In 1994, José Miguel moves to Mexico City and goes to a new school in the peak of World Cup fever. There, he falls in love with Cristina, but in order to be with her, he has to break up her current relationship with Kenji Matarazzo. José bakes a cake for Cristina for her birthday; however, when José's dad shows up the day before and eats the cake, José's mom gives him money to buy something for her from the bakery. At school, he gives her the gift and they become friends.