Första Kärleken

Första Kärleken is a 1992 Swedish television miniseries created by Leif Magnusson. Starring Linus Åberg, Alexandra Royal and Christopher Luschan. It's loosely based on Hjärtans Fröjd, a novel by Per Nilsson, about a boy who fell in love with a girl.


Daniel Andersson looks forward to yet another exciting summer together with his friend Anders, but this year he'll be spending most of his time with someone else. Anna, who is deaf, has moved in with her parents in the cottage next door. One day, while Daniel is swimming in a nearby lake, Anna shows up unexpectedly, and the two hit it off immediately. Before long, their friendship develops into a romance. Little do they know, local bad boy Jesper has been spying on them swimming, and Anna has caught his eye. When Jesper tries to move in on Anna, trouble ensues.


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