Eyewitness (Øyevitne) is a Norwegian crime drama from 2014, produced by Norway's NRK. It was written and directed by Jarl Emsell Larsen. The series follows the investigation into a multiple homicide witnessed by two teenage boys. The series was remade for USA Network in 2016 as Eyewitness, for HBO Europe as Valea Mută, and for TF1 in 2018 as Les Innocents.


The 15-year-old teenagers Philip and Henning live in the small village Mysen, close to the Norwegian border with Sweden. They are classmates and neighbors, but also secretly in love. During a discreet liaison at a gravel pit in the nearby forest, they witness the shooting of four members of a criminal gang. They too come under threat from the murderer, but overpower the killer and escape with the murder weapon. Not wanting their relationship to be revealed, the boys decide to keep silent about being at the scene of the crime as it unfolded.