Maa Beta

Maa Beta, also spelled as Ma Beta is a 1962 Indian Hindi-language classical crime film directed by Lekhraj Bhakri, also known by Lekhraj Bakshi. It features Manoj Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Ameeta, Lalita Pawar, I. S. Johar and Vijay Dutta as its lead stars. Written by Rajaram Shastri, and produced by Kuldip Sehgal, the music is given by Hemant Kumar and the composition of the lyrics are prepared by Prem Dhawan.


Dependent on his elder brother, Bishan (IS Johar), Ganga (Tarun Bose)and his wife, Rameshwari (Nirupa Roy), are abused and asked to leave. They work hard, set up their own business, and soon become wealthy enough to even support Bishan and his wife Krishna Devi (Manorama). A pregnant Rameshwari gets the news that her husband has been killed. She subsequently gives birth to a boy, who goes missing. So Bishan gives his own son Rajinder (Vijay Dutt) to Rameshwari in greed of her wealth. Actually Rampyari( Leela Mishra) steals the child of Rameshwari from the hospital by the conivance of Bishan and Krishna Devi to give to her childless daughter Muniya at Banaras. But coincidentally Budhwa (Manmohan Krishan) and Muniya (Sheila Ramani) leave Banaras and get a job in the city at Rameshwaris house, where the child grows as Keshav (Manoj Kumar) who is treated like her own son. Budhwa also knows the truth that' Keshav is the lost child of Rameshwari. Keshav and Reeta (Ameeta) fall in love. Keshav and Rameshwari being suspicious about Bishan go in search of Rampyari at Banaras who confesses the truth of abduction but has no where about s of Budhwa and Muniya. They also find Ganga(lost memory) who was not dead on committing suicide by black magic doses by a Jogi Baba planned by Krishna Devi. Finally Budhwa confesses the truth to Rameshwari about Keshav, Rajinder shoots himself after knowing his parents crime to make them realize the loss of a child. Bishan, Krishna Devi, Rampyari and Jogi Baba are sentenced to imprisonment. Keshav reunites with his family along with Budhwa and Muniya too.

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    director Lekhraj Bhakhri
    genre crime
    keywords abuse black magic kill lost child set up
    musicBy Hemant Kumar
    producer Kuldip Sehga