Restless Blood

Restless Blood (Finnish: Levoton veri) is a 1946 Finnish drama film directed by Teuvo Tulio and starring Regina Linnanheimo, Eino Katajavuori and Toini Vartiainen. The film tells the story of siblings Sylvi and Outi, who love the same man, Sylvi’s husband Valter. The couple's relationship breaks down after the tragic death of their child. After becoming blind, Sylvi suspects Valter is being unfaithful to her. She begins spying on her husband and sister Outi, and gradually her mental health deteriorates with fatal consequences.

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    director Teuvo Tulio
    editor Teuvo Tulio
    genre drama
    musicBy Tauno Marttinen
    producer Teuvo Tulio
    publisher Väinän Filmi