Goodbye, Franklin High

Goodbye, Franklin High is a 1978 American film starring Lane Caudell, Julie Adams, Darby Hinton, Ann Dusenberry, and William Windom. The film's tagline is: It seems like it's taken forever – but at last we're on our own!


Will Armer (Caudell) is a high-school athlete, who during his senior year, must deal with his girlfriend (Dusenberry) and parents (Adams and Windom) and make a difficult decision between the certainty of college or the possibility of a glamorous baseball career. Everyone associated with Will has a different opinion, making the final decision all the more dramatic.


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    director Mike MacFarland
    editor Peter Parasheles
    musicBy Lane Caudell
    producer Mike MacFarland
    productionCompany Cal-Am Productions
    publisher Cal-Am Artists
    theme independent