Eban and Charley

Eban and Charley is a 2000 independent drama film written and directed by James Bolton. It follows the romantic relationship between Eban (Brent Fellows), a 29-year-old gay man, and Charley (Gio Black Peter), a 14-year-old boy. Despite being about a very controversial topic (namely, age disparity in sexual relationships), the film addresses these issues in a low-key, relaxed manner. The film also addresses the consequences that Eban and Charley's relationship provokes with their parents. Its plot is based on an incident in which one of Bolton's friends was dumped by his older boyfriend, because their parents did not approve of their age disparity.


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    director James Bolton
    editor Elizabeth Edwards
    genre drama
    musicBy Stephin Merritt
    producer Chris Monlux
    publisher Picture This! Entertainment
    theme independent romantic drama