Jaganmohini is a 1951 Kannada film by D. Shankar Singh. It is about a seductress who falls in love with a prince and tries to steal him from his fiancée. It starred Harini who made her debut at the age of 14. Harini became the first Kannada heroine to wear a swimsuit on-screen. The movie was infamous for its censor problems. Despite this, the film became a box office hit and had a 100-days run. B. Vittalacharya remade it in Telugu in 1978 as Jaganmohini, which also went on to be remade in Tamil in 1978. Further, it was remade again in Tamil in 2009 as Jaganmohini.


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    director D. Shankar Singh
    musicBy P. Shyamanna
    producer D. Shankar Singh
    publisher Mahathma Pictures
    theme ghost