Krishna is a 1996 Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by Raja Krishnamoorthy. The film stars Prashanth, Kasthuri and Heera in the lead roles, while S. A. Rajkumar composed the film's music. The film received mixed reviews. However the film received a delayed audience and appreciation in 2020, after it was one of the results of search for Martin Scorsese on Amazon Prime.


Krishna (Prashanth) and Tara (Heera) have been friends in the college. Tara is in love with Krishna but he does not reciprocate her love. Meanwhile, Lizy (Kasthuri) arrives as a new college girl and is bothered by groups of boys, including Vikram. Krishna fights the goons for her and falls in love. Lizy has had contempt for men and does not trust and falls in love with difficulty.