La Boîte noire

La Boîte noire

The Black Box (original title: La Boîte noire) is a 2005 French mystery film directed by Richard Berry, written by Berry and Éric Assous, adapted from a novella by Tonino Benacquista, and starring José Garcia and Marion Cotillard.


Following a car accident, in which he believes he killed a boy, Arthur Seligman (José Garcia) falls into a coma for several hours. While in the coma, he pronounces incoherent sentences. At his awakening, he does not remember what happened before the crash, and he does not know the meaning of the words he pronounced while unconscious. The nurse who assisted him, Isabelle Kruger (Marion Cotillard), recorded them in a notebook, which she gives to him. Arthur then tries to understand what happened, what those sentences mean, and begins to lose his grasp of reality.

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    contentLocation Paris
    director Richard Berry
    editor Lisa Pfeiffer
    genre mystery thriller
    keywords amnesia awaken car accident coma does not remember kill
    musicBy Nathaniel Méchaly
    producer Michel Feller
    publisher EuropaCorp. Distribution
    recordedAt Paris
    theme noir