How to Be Alone

How to Be Alone

How to Be Alone is a 2016 short Israeli student film, produced and directed by Erez Eisenstein. The script is an adaptation of a short story of the same name by Orna Coussin, first published in 2006.


A brokenhearted lesbian woman (Nili Tserruya) grapples with her lonely existence as a singleton. She decides to walk on a different path than the majority. Tired by the constant struggle to fit in a perfectly happy society, she chooses to explore herself and teach herself how to embrace solitude and transgress the mundane world.

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    director Erez Eisenstein
    editor Oz Mikulsky
    keywords brokenhearted how to than the
    musicBy Ariel Guez
    producer Erez Eisenstein
    theme lgbt-related short