Copacabana is a 1947 American musical comedy film directed by Alfred E. Green starring Carmen Miranda and Groucho Marx.


Lionel Q. Devereaux and his alluring girlfriend, Brazilian singer Carmen Navarro, have been engaged for ten years. They are highly unsuccessful nightclub performers, due to Lionel's total lack of talent. They stay at an upscale hotel in New York. One day they get a twenty-four-hour notice to pay their bill, but needless to say they lack the funds to oblige. They hurriedly try to convince the big shot producer Steve Hunt to give Carmen a job at the Club Copacabana, and with the help of the easily convinced, gullible singer Andy Russell, posing as an agent, they achieve their goal to get her an audition.

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    contentLocation New York City
    director Alfred Edward Green
    editor Philip Cahn
    genre comedy
    keywords arrest big shot cast dressing room engage film production kill married river trouble
    musicBy Edward Ward
    producer Sam Coslow
    productionCompany Beacon Productions
    publisher United Artists
    theme musical comedy