Karu Diddina Kapuram

Karu Diddina Kapuram

Karu Diddina Kapuram is a 1986 Indian Telugu-language comedy film, produced by Ramoji Rao under the Usha Kiran Movies banner and directed by D. V. Narasa Raju. It stars Nutan Prasad, Rajendra Prasad, Rama Prabha and Pavithra, with music composed by Satyam.


Engineer Raghava Rao (Nutan Prasad) and his wife Indumathi (Rama Prabha) have three daughters who are married. Raghava Rao has the life ambition to buy a car and finally, he succeeds in buying a rebuilt secondhand foreign car which has been damaged in an accident. Shockingly, the car contains the aura of original owner Ram Swamy, who had died in the accident next day after purchase. As his desire on the car is not fulfilled, his aura is left back on the earth which drives the car automatically, makes so many magics and sets right the problems of Raghava Rao. At last, Raghava Rao takes care of Ram Swamy's family, showing his gratitude. Finally, Ram Swamy's aura is completely satisfied, leaves the car and mingles into the universe.


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    director A. Vincent
    editor Gowtham Raju
    genre comedy
    keywords buy married shock three daughters universe
    musicBy Chellapilla Satyam
    producer Ramoji Rao
    productionCompany Ushakiran Movies