The Hurricane Kid

The Hurricane Kid

The Hurricane Kid is a 1925 American silent Western film directed by Edward Sedgwick and starring Hoot Gibson. It was produced and released by Universal Pictures.


As described in a review in a film magazine, the Hurricane Kid (Gibson) falls in love with one young woman after another. When he breaks his arm, Joan (Nixon) takes him to her father Colonel Langdon's (Mackley) ranch. Foreman Lafe Baxter (Steele) is jealous, and the Kid whips him in a fist fight for insulting Joan. The Colonel and ranchman Hezekiah Potts (Todd) stage a horse race and bet their ranches. The Kid tames Pal, a wild mare of great speed which the Colonel had captured and then turned loose, and the Kid wins the race on that horse. Joan, who has mocked him for playing the gallant, now relents.

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    director Edward Sedgwick
    genre western
    keywords capture horse race ranch foreman young woman
    producer Carl Laemmle
    publisher Universal Pictures