Navagraha is a 2008 Indian Kannada language heist thriller film directed by Dinakar Thoogudeepa and A.V Chinthan. The film stars Darshan and Sharmila Mandre.


The film begins with a meeting between crime syndicates across the global world who propose to steal the Ambari in Mysore Palace which is auctioned for 500 million by the syndicate. Iqbal proposes that his expert thief/henchman Jaggu can handle this, but Jaggu is in prison after he successfully completes a bank heist. Diwan bails Jaggu, who is taken to Iqbal by Jaggu's sister Gowri and his friend Kumbhi (Gowri's love interest). Iqbal makes a deal with Jaggu to steal the Ambari from the Mysore Palace and deliver it in Mangalore Harbour in exchange for 20 million. Later at home, Kumbhi is hesistant to take up the operation, but relents after Gowri's suggestion.