Iyer IPS is a 2005 Indian Tamil-language action film written, produced and directed by P. Harirajan. It stars Sathyaraj in dual roles as a police officer (hero) and a gangster (villain), along with Megha and Sanghavi. The music was composed by Dhina. The film was released on 21 January 2005 to average reviews.


DCP Gopal Iyer is an encounter specialist. He comes across a Muslim woman named Nasreen, whose father is killed by gangsters. Out of pity, he marries her much against his parents' opposition. Suddenly, Nasreen passes away in a childbirth. Meanwhile, Jenniffer, a scribe, learns of a fake encounter organized by Iyer to bump off a known rowdy. She follows him from then, blackmailing him, but Iyer, who thinks that evil forces do not deserve a chance in the court, does not change his style of operations. Elsewhere, a mute gangster named Venkatachalapathy, who's men killed Nasreen's father, vows to kill Iyer after he got imprisoned after apprehended by Iyer. Now aware that his son kills people in the name of encounters, Iyer's father Vishwanatha Iyer decides to take cudgels against him. He falls in to the vicious trap of Venkatachalapathy, and the rest is about how Iyer embarks on a mission to rescue his family and put an end to Venkatachalapathy's shenanigans.