Praça TV

Praça TV (Local TV) is a Brazilian television programming block broadcast on Rede Globo, where time is set aside for local newscasts on affiliated or owned and operated stations. It uses a common logo where the affiliate's branding is utilized on one side of a three-dimensional square, with "TV", the newscast name, or an outline map of the state that station serves on the other side, or showing the map of the Brazilian state, then zooms out, revealing the affiliate's name and TV, and TV turns into an orange or blue rounded rectangle with the numbers 1 or 2. Two timeslots daily are set aside on Globo's schedule; the "First Edition" between 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday (reduced in half on Saturdays on some weeks due to sports conflicts), and the "Second Edition" from 7:10p.m. to 7:40p.m. Monday through Saturday leading into Globo's flagship national newscast, Jornal Nacional. In addition, local time is also set aside during the morning show Bom Dia Brasil for local weather forecasts and headlines, known as Bom Dia Praça. The titles of newscasts vary by market and each affiliate.


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