Stop! Look! and Laugh!

Stop! Look! and Laugh!

Stop! Look! and Laugh! is a 1960 feature-length Three Stooges compilation featuring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard.


Paul Winchell plays a father to Jerry Mahoney who is avoiding going to school at all costs where he is failing his subjects. Mahoney's tricks range from painting the window black to sleep in, continually falling asleep, and pretending to be sick by painting spots on his face and heating a thermometer with a match to give him a temperature reading of 264F to stay home. Winchell relates stories that segue into scenes from Three Stooges short subjects with the film concluding with a loud party that is footage from Half-Wits Holiday. As Winchell enters the home to complain of the noise, he is hit with one of the pies in that sequence's pie fight.