Twisted Nightmare

Twisted Nightmare

Twisted Nightmare is a 1987 American supernatural slasher film written and directed by Paul Hunt and starring Rhonda Gray, Cleve Hall, and Robert Padilla. Its plot follows a group of young people who return to a summer camp they attended in their youth, and are killed off by a hulking killer.


Laura receives a letter notifying her she has won a free weekend trip to Camp Paradise, a summer camp she attended as a child. She and her new boyfriend Shawn arrive at the camp, and Laura is reunited with a group of her old friends; among them are Jennifer, Laura, and Tak; and couples Nicole and Jerome; Gus and Sylvia; Ken and Julie; and Dean and Cheri. Laura is reluctant to be at the camp, as her developmentally disabled brother Matthew died there under mysterious circumstances two years prior. During the party, Sylvia and Gus are attacked and murdered in an outlying barn by a hulking, monstrous killer—Sylvia is hanged with a rope, while Gus has his arm torn off.