Sarada Saradaga

Sarada Saradaga

Sarada Saradaga ( Funny-Funnyly) is a 2006 Telugu-language comedy film, produced by G.V.Prasad on Damini Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner and directed by S. V. Krishna Reddy. Starring Rajendra Prasad, Srikanth, Sindhu Tolani, Siva Balaji, Pranathi and music also composed by S.V.Krishna Reddy.


The film begins on Raghava (Srikanth) owner of a beauty parlor, who suffers from his lady customers as they are so fascinated towards him. To discard them his assistant Ali (Ali) falsifies Raghava as a married person. Once, a charming girl (Sindhu Tolani) acquainted with Raghava whom he too loves. Being incognizant of it, Ali rehashes with her also when disheartened Lavanya leaves him. Nevertheless, Raghava wants her back. During that plight, Balaraju (Rajendra Prasad) the close friend of Raghava plots a by creating a character Maya as Raghava's wife who is a domineering woman and also having illegal affair with a guy Subba Rao. Being aware of it, Lavanya wants to see Maya, so, Balaraju approaches his resident girl Siri (Pranathi) whose husband Prem (Siva Balaji) stays in Dubai and requests her to act as Maya. Right now, Balaraju & Siri counterfeit as Subba Rao & Maya when dead heat situation occurs as Prem returns and witnesses their romance. Eventually, Balaraju's wife Sundari (Ruchika) spots it. The remaining story is how Balaraju's plan boomerangs and thereby shatters the relationship of 3 couples.

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    director S. V. Krishna Reddy
    editor K. V. Krishna Reddy
    genre comedy
    keywords create domineer married
    musicBy S. V. Krishna Reddy
    producer G. V. Prasad
    productionCompany Damini Entertainments Pvt Ltd