Gone is a 2007 psychological horror film starring Shaun Evans and Amelia Warner as a young British couple travelling through the Australian outback who become involved with a mysterious and charismatic American (Scott Mechlowicz) whose motive for imposing his friendship upon them becomes increasingly suspect.


Alex (Shaun Evans) arrives in Sydney. Realizing he has missed his bus, he is reading his travel guide on stone steps in the street, when Taylor (Scott Mechlowicz) suddenly sits near Alex and makes small talk with him, insisting that he come with him. After drinking and raucously horsing around with two unnamed girls, Alex awakens in a city park with Taylor standing over him with a Polaroid camera, snapping a photo of Alex with one of the girls they met that night. When driving out of town in Taylor's vehicle, Alex reveals that he is to be at Byron Bay to meet his girlfriend Sophie (Amelia Warner) and Taylor suggests that they travel together. When Alex and Taylor meet Sophie, she is with Ingrid (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith), a mate. The four of them head towards Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory. The following day, about to leave, Taylor vaguely mentions that Ingrid had to meet someone and had caught a bus, with Alex and Sophie unbemused. They then go back to a day of country side driving and camp for the night in heavy rain with Alex and Sophie sleeping in the tent and Taylor is in the vehicle and unexplainedly turns on the headlights lighting up the tent and Alex gets out and watches Taylor drive away. Taylor is back the next day, with the three of them in a field on a clear day. They then go to a party at a bar and a woman there recognizes him, calling him; "Jamie from Thailand", confronts him for being criminally defrauded and jilted with Taylor initially claiming she's mistaken and then head swipes the woman with a vulgar disregard. The three then stay at a trailer.