The Country Flapper

The Country Flapper

The Country Flapper is a 1922 American silent comedy film directed by F. Richard Jones and starring Dorothy Gish, Glenn Hunter and Tom Douglas. The film is based on "The Cynic Effect," a short story by Nalbro Bartley.


Jolanda, a young flapper, goes to great lengths to secure her relationship with Nathaniel Huggins, the son of the town's pharmacist. However, Ezra Huggins, the father, doesn't approve of the relationship. To her luck, Jolanda happens to overhear a conversation in which she finds out that Ezra is illegally producing alcohol in his barn. Jolanda uses this to blackmail him, gaining his consent for her to be with his son. To get rid of Jolanda's power, Ezra burns his barn to destroy the evidence that Jolanda has against him. Jolanda gets caught in the fire and is rescued by Lemuell Philpotts, the bashful boy who has loved her the whole time. She ultimately loses Nathaniel to her enemy, Marguerite; however, she ends up with Nathaniel, who truly cares for her.

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    director F. Richard Jones
    editor Joseph Farnham
    genre comedy
    keywords rescue
    producer Dorothy Gish
    productionCompany Dorothy Gish Productions
    publisher Producers Security Corporation