Folks! is a 1992 American comedy-drama film directed by Ted Kotcheff and starring Tom Selleck. Its tagline is: "Jon Aldrich is about to come face to face with the most terrifying force known to man...his parents." It earned a Razzie Award nomination for Selleck as Worst Actor.


The film tells the story of Jon Aldrich, a successful stockbroker who is living a good life with a wife and kids until he comes across his elderly father who suffers from dementia, and has accidentally burned down his own house. Jon tries to get his sister, Arlene (who has two sons of her own but is an irresponsible gold digger), to take care of their parents, but she won't even open the door. As a result, his father, Harry, and his mother, Mildred, have to move in with him and his family. That is the moment that his good life starts going downhill.