Armaan is a 1953 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film directed and produced by Fali Mistry. The music is composed by S. D. Burman. Armaan revolves around Radha (Madhubala), a peasant girl who is fostered by her dead father's loyal servant Ramdas (Jagirdar) so that she does not fall in clutches of her treacherous uncle Bahadur Singh (K. N. Singh). Dev Anand stars as Radha's love interest Madan.


Ramdas, a poor noble soul (Jagirdar) rears up the only daughter of his dead master away from his own home so that she may not fall into the clutches of her treacherous uncle, Bahadur Singh (K. N. Singh). Baby Radha grows up to be a beautiful girl (Madhubala) and falls in love with the poet Madan (Dev Anand), who happens to visit her village. Fate separates them and Radha is taken over by her uncle and taught to outgrow her peasant upbringing to become a swell girl. But her love for her foster father, now a dispiriterd rickshaw puller, flames again leading up to a climax.


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    director Fali Mistry
    genre drama
    keywords beautiful girl jagirdar madhubala upbringing
    musicBy Sachin Dev Burman
    producer Fali Mistry
    productionCompany Film Technician of India
    theme romantic drama