Stitch & Ai

Stitch & Ai

Stitch & Ai is a Chinese animated spin-off of Disney's Lilo & Stitch franchise that was produced in English with the assistance of American animators. It is the franchise's third television series, after the Western animated Lilo & Stitch: The Series and the Japanese Stitch! anime series. The thirteen-episode series features a Chinese girl named Wang Ai Ling in place of the original 2002–06 Western continuity's Lilo Pelekai and the anime's Yuna Kamihara, and is set in Huangshan, Anhui.


Stitch & Ai follows the events of Lilo & Stitch and its subsequent film and television sequels up to and including Leroy & Stitch. The series shows Stitch kidnapped by the Jaboodies, a faction of alien criminals who want to use him to have their own destructive genetic experiment. However, thanks to a rival faction called the Woolagongs trying to kidnap Stitch themselves by stealing him from the Jaboodies, Stitch escapes back to Earth, ending up on China's Huangshan mountains. There he befriends Ai, a spirited local girl who is at risk of being separated from her older sister Jiejie. Stitch becomes Ai's "dog", and the two help one another dealing with the other's problems; Ai helps Stitch deal with the space criminals, while he helps her stay in the mountains with her family. Jumba and Pleakley later show up initially trying to bring Stitch back to the United Galactic Federation, but Ai and Jiejie convince the two aliens to let Stitch stay with them. Although Jumba and Pleakley also stay to keep a watch on Stitch and to help out him and his new family, Jumba gets concerned that a previously-unrevealed metamorphosis function that he secretly programmed in Stitch—a function that, among other possible transformations, causes the experiment to grow into a giant beast when his destructive programming is triggered in a large city—could be unleashed if the space criminals figure out how to subconsciously manipulate Stitch into triggering it.