Twelve Mile Road

Twelve Mile Road

Twelve Mile Road is a 2003 American made-for-television drama film based on the New York Times best selling book Mystery Ride by Robert Boswell. The film was directed and written for teleplay by Richard Friedenberg. The story is set in Idaho and follows the challenging relationship between a daughter and her estranged father as they reunite and attempt to work out their complicated family issues. Twelve Mile Road is a made-for-television film starring Tom Selleck that debuted on CBS in 2003.


After a rough divorce, farmer Stephen Landis (Tom Selleck) lives a normal life living on his ranch in Idaho with his girlfriend Leah (Anna Gunn) and her daughter, Roxanne (Tegan Moss). But life once again gets complicated for Stephen when his daughter Dulcie (Maggie Grace) comes for a summer visit after having a fight with her mother (Wendy Crewson). Stephen's absence as a father and failed marriage with Angela left Dulcie in a rebellious state as a troubled teenager. Stephen's ex-wife attempts to warn him of their daughter's disruptive behaviors, but combined with his feelings of guilt, the relationship threatens to ruin his present relationship and life with Leah. Dulcie and her father try to begin to heal their problems, but the damage may be too great to resolve and jeopardizes the chance of a bright future for either of them.

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    director Richard Friedenberg
    genre drama mystery
    keywords failed marriage idaho troubled teen
    musicBy Jeff Beal
    producer Daniel Ostroff
    productionCompany 20th Century Fox CBS