Captain Khorshid

Captain Khorshid

Captain Khorshid is a 1987 Iranian film written and directed by Nasser Taghvai. It is based on Ernest Hemingway's 1937 novel To Have and Have Not, but it moves the setting from Cuba to the south of Iran and the shores of the Persian Gulf. All the events of the film are nationalized.


Captain Khorshid is a sailor who although only having one hand, manages to sail his little boat. In his village, due to its hot climate and hard living conditions, dangerous criminals are sent into exile. They want to escape from the area, so they ask a middleman to strike a deal with Khorshid. Khorshid is asked to illegally take them out of the country with his boat. At first he is reluctant, but because of the hardships of living he accepts the job.

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    contentLocation Iran
    director Nasser Taghvai
    editor Nasser Taghvai
    events seamanship
    genre drama
    keywords begin exile kill
    producer Mohammad Ali Soltanzadeh