The Tearsmith

The Tearsmith is a 2024 Italian teen romance film directed by Alessandro Genovesi, based on the novel of the same name by Erin Doom. It was released on Netflix on 4 April 2024.


Eight-year-old Nica is left orphaned when her parents die in a car accident. She is taken to the oppressive Sunnycreek Orphanage, where she befriends a girl named Adeline. Years later, Nica, now a teenager, is adopted by Anna and Norman Milligan. The couple also adopts Rigel, a moody teenager who is the pride and joy of the headmistress, Margaret. At their new home, Rigel is hostile toward Nica. Flashbacks reveal that at Sunnycreek, all of the children except Rigel were physically and emotionally abused by Margaret.