Labu dan Labi

Labu dan Labi

Labu dan Labi (Malay: Labu and Labi) is a 1962 Malay-language Singaporean black-and-white buddy comedy film directed by and starring P. Ramlee. The movie was filmed in Singapore and it revolves around the antics of Labu and Labi, two servants with wild imaginations who work in the house of a wealthy but miserly man, Haji Bakhil bin Haji Kedekut. The movie is filmed in the style of a stage pantomime, with over-the-top comedy and featuring the characters occasionally talking directly to the audience. The film's sequel is Nasib Si Labu Labi (The Fate of Labu and Labi or What Happened to Labu and Labi).


Labu (Mohd. Zain) and Labi (P. Ramlee) are servants in the household of Haji Bakhil, a miserly old man with a loyal wife and a beautiful daughter (Mariani). Both Labu and Labi are constantly scolded, insulted and forced to do the traditional school punishment ketok-ketampi by the grouchy Haji Bakhil. The two bear the ill-treatment and continue working there without complaint because they are both secretly in love with his daughter, Manisah.