Air Devils

Air Devils is a 1938 American action comedy film directed by John Rawlins, based on an original story, "The Fighting Marines" by Harold Buckley. The film stars Larry J. Blake, Dick Purcell and Beryl Wallace.


Set in the island of Taro Pago in the years before World War II, two former Marine pilots, John P. "Horseshoe" Donovan (Larry J. Blake) and Percy "Slats" Harrington (Dick Purcell), are hired as air "constables" (constabularies) to keep order on the remote Pacific island. Both friends vie for the attentions of Marcia Bradford (Beryl Wallace) and, through a series of misadventures, find that neither will win out.


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    contentLocation Oceania
    director John Rawlins
    editor Charles Craft
    events aviation
    genre action adventure comedy
    keywords brew civil war pacific island world war ii
    musicBy Charles Previn
    producer Paul Malvern Trem Carr
    productionCompany Universal Studios
    publisher Universal Pictures
    theme action comedy