Nani Gentleman (or simply Gentleman) is a 2016 Indian Telugu-language romantic thriller film directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti and co-written by R.David Nathan. Produced by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad's Sridevi Movies, Gentleman features Nani in double role, Nivetha Thomas and Surbhi in the lead roles; it marked Prasad's return to film production after an eight-year hiatus. Srinivas Avasarala, Sreemukhi, and Rohini play supporting roles.


Aishwarya, the daughter of an affluent entrepreneur, boards a flight back to Hyderabad from the United States. Catherine, a visual effects designer returning from a month-long workshop, boards the same flight in London. To help pass the time, they share their love stories. Catherine explains that she is in a relationship with Gautham, a graduate from IIM-A who owns an adventure club, and Aishwarya shares that her fiancé Jayaram "Jai" Mullapudi is an award-winning entrepreneur who oversees his father's company Jai Gowri Finance.