Lost Penny is an Independent Film drama by CubeCity Entertainment, in association with Curium Films. Mann Munoz directed the film and Roberto Munoz produced. The movie features Rachael McOwen, Victoria Guthrie, Andrew Roth, Christopher Elliott, Stephen Velichko, and Victoria Murdoch. It is partly inspired by Alice in Wonderland as Penny travels to a mysterious underworld club where she meets an assortment of quirky characters.


Lost Penny tells the story of a young woman's search for the father she has never met. When Penny (Rachael McOwen, of The Amazing Spider-Man 2) comes across a mysterious box that promises to grant her greatest wish, she is transported to an Underworld Club. There she meets Lucien (Christopher Elliott). He tells her that to get her wish, she must play the Game and reach “Number One”. Penny encounters a series of quirky characters before coming across a solitary Barefoot Man (Thomas Nelson). He warns her about Lucien. Penny doesn't know what to believe when Tenshi (Andrew Roth) turns up and reveals the sinister secret of the Club. Before Tenshi can help her, Lucien steps in and shows his true self.

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    director Mann Munoz
    editor Mann Munoz
    genre drama
    keywords amaze game the amazing spider-man 2 young woman
    musicBy Miq Munoz
    producer Roberto Muñoz
    theme independent