Banthi Poola Janaki

Banthi Poola Janaki

Banthi Poola Janaki is a 2016 Indian Telugu comedy thriller film directed by Nellutla Praveen Chander. It was produced by Kalyani-Ram under Ujwala Creations. The film features Dhanraj and Diksha Panth in the lead roles and supported by actors from the popular comedy show Jabardasth.


Deeksha Panth (Janaki) is an actress who gets a national award for her latest film Banthipoola Janaki. To celebrate her award, the film's hero Akash (Sudigali Sudheer), writer Miriyalu (Raghava), producer Bangarayya (Raghu) and director Ahamkaram (Chammak Chandra) plan to surprise Janaki. They gang up at a bungalow and begin their celebrations.


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    director Nellutla Praveen Chander
    editor Siva Y Prasad
    genre comedy thriller
    keywords chammak chandra shock
    musicBy Bhole
    producer Kalyani-Ram
    theme comedy thriller