Mona the Virgin Nymph

Mona (also promoted as Mona; the Virgin Nymph) is a 1970 American pornographic film directed by Michael Benveniste and Howard Ziehm, produced by Bill Osco, and starring Judy Angel, Gerard Broulard, Orrin North, Susan Stewart and Fifi Watson. The film was screened without credits due to legal concerns. It is regarded as the second sexually explicit film to receive a general theatrical release in the United States, after Andy Warhol's Blue Movie (1969). However, unlike Blue Movie (which was shot without a script), Mona had a plot, though there was more emphasis on the action.


Mona (Fifi Watson) and her fiancé Jim (Orrin North) are having a picnic, and they both strip and began to make love, but she halts him claiming that she had promised her mother (Judy Angel) that she wouldn't have intercourse until marriage. However, she joyfully performs fellatio on Jim. When she comes home, her mother reminds her of her promise and that the mother as well had been a virgin before marrying her father, who had been a good man. Then Mona remembers being little and wanting to play with her father (who is only to be seen from the hip downwards), who urges her to perform fellatio on him. Going outside again, she again performs fellatio, on a complete stranger. Afterward, a prostitute (Susan Stewart) performs cunnilingus on her. Jim, on the other hand, stops by Mona's house and has sex with her mother. In a movie theatre, Mona masturbates and performs fellatio on a nearby male patron (Gerard Broulard). Jim catches them and tells her that he'll punish her by calling all the people she had oral sex with. Jim ties Mona to a bed, and all of her previous partners surround her and engage in a very long, intense oral sex party. At the end of the film, Mona and her mother both confess their sexual affairs.


    More details

    director Howard Ziehm Michael Benveniste
    genre action
    keywords claim end movie theatre oral sex sex party
    producer Bill Osco
    productionCompany Graffiti Productions
    publisher Sherpix
    theme pornographic