Vanishing Trails

Vanishing Trails

Vanishing Trails is a 1920 American silent Western film serial directed by Leon De La Mothe. The film is considered to be lost.


As described in a summary in a film publication, the serial involves the mystery of the murder of William Stillman (Wells) and the finding of the heir to his fortune. Silent Joe (Farnum) arrives in an effort to discover the murderer and prove that he is the true heir. He and the heroine Lou (Anderson) have their adventures in the mountainous terrain with its "vanishing trails." They are aided by The Shadow (Orlamond), a demented scientist with his trained dog, and several remarkable, death-dealing inventions.

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    director Leon De La Mothe
    genre western
    keywords demented shadow
    producer William Selig
    productionCompany Canyon Films
    publisher Aywon Pictures