Under New Management

Under New Management

Under New Management, also known as Honeymoon Hotel, is a 1946 British comedy film directed by John E. Blakeley and starring Nat Jackley, Norman Evans and Dan Young. The screenplay concerns a chimney sweep inherits a hotel and calls on a number of ex-army friends to staff it. The film was one of a number of films at the time dealing with the contemporary issue of demobilisation following the end of the Second World War.


Chimney sweep Joe (Norman Evans) inherits a dilapidated hotel which, with the help of former army chums as staff, he starts to turn around. A pair of devious property developers however, attempt to buy the hotel from him, knowing that the land is due to be redeveloped, and to increase in value when an airport is built nearby.


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    director John E. Blakeley
    editor V. Sagovsky
    genre comedy
    keywords chimney sweep
    musicBy Percival Mackey
    producer John E. Blakeley
    productionCompany Mancunian Films
    publisher Butcher's Film Service