The Gambler and the Lady

The Gambler and the Lady

The Gambler and the Lady is a 1952 British crime film directed by Patrick Jenkins and Sam Newfield and starring Dane Clark, Kathleen Byron and Naomi Chance. It was made by Hammer Films.


An American gambler, Forster (Clark), aspires to find acceptance amongst the British nobility after falling in love with the aristocratic Lady Susan Willens (Chance), a prominent blueblood who has actually been pursuing him. To start a relationship with her, he dumps his girlfriend (Byron), a singer in one of his nightclubs who becomes murderously jealous. He must also deal with mobsters who try to take over his nightclubs. Swindled by an upper-class con-man (Ireland) into voluntarily selling out to the mobsters anyway all his valuable assets including the gambling-casino nightclubs, a racehorse and a boxer, in order to invest in a gold-mining scam that is eventually unmasked as a fraud.


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    contentLocation London
    director Sam Newfield
    editor Maurice Rootes
    genre crime drama
    keywords british nobility falling in love gamble gang member jilt think wound
    musicBy Ivor Slaney
    producer Anthony Hinds
    productionCompany Hammer Film Productions
    publisher Exclusive Films Lippert Pictures
    theme film noir