Hamburger: The Motion Picture

Hamburger: The Motion Picture is a 1986 teen sex comedy film directed by Mike Marvin and starring Leigh McCloskey. The film stars Leigh as Russell Proco, who finds himself way too distracted by women who want to have sex with him. Proco decides to enroll in Hamburger University to become an owner of a Busterburger franchise.


Russell Proco has been expelled from multiple schools because of his crude behavior, predominantly having women throw themselves at him (even when he is in no mood). He was given a large trust fund, but his grandfather's will stipulated that it is frozen unless he earns a college diploma. While trying to mull over his problem at a local Busterburger owned by a friend of his, who said he had a similar problem and that he earned the equivalent of a college diploma after finishing Busterburger University. Russell agrees that this may be his way to get the trust fund unfrozen.